System Callout & Service Calls

From time to time there are difficulties encountered with equipment set-up’s that are not for some reason or another working as they should, – sometimes ceasing to perform altogether. Invariably, the only solution is to book an av system callout to have the problem looked into. Unfortunately, nearly every visit to attend to and remedy such technical issues is frequently found to be the cause of poor execution or installation by less than expert service providers, – such as those carried out by the ‘in-house’ operations of discount shops selling the apparatus. Even specialist installation companies make errors; the installer not being the proprietor and therefore time and budget constrained on a multi-drop and install service.

To date, every possible problem has been confronted with and subsequently overcome; often on-site unless a product has developed a fault, – in which case the item in question is taken for repair if thought to be economically worthwhile.

Consequently, if a system fails to deliver the performance expected of it, then it may come as a surprise to learn that nearly all systems previously installed by other practices that are attended to with an AV system callout or service call are found to have little or no attention paid to the correct settings or adjustments being made. This includes television pictures and sound balancing. In fact, around 95% of televisions and sound systems installed are falling a long way short of their performance envelope through poor installation practice. A ‘system health check’ visit can be the single most cost-effective performance upgrade possible.

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