Hi-Fi Installation by Carl Beckwith

Carl Beckwith is a London based Hi-Fi Installation specialist.

If music is your passion and listening in the home an event in itself; not merely as background accompaniment, then the only way toward achieving a visceral experience with quality recordings is from playback through carefully specified and professionally installed high-fidelity components, using products that are engineered to the highest standard of technical specification.

Since the mid 1950’s, hi-fi recordings have been made that still set standards that many people have not yet fully encountered due to the many flawed systems that have been brought about for convenience sake; MP3, DAB and so on. The archive is simply vast and wide ranging for those yet to embark upon the journey of discovering music.

For listeners already familiar or established in using specialised hi-fi equipment, the choice of LP and CD/SACD as well as high-resolution downloads available in studio quality, attest to superior results against the compressed media found in the standard service providers on-line and the associated equipment used to play it on; docks, mini systems and bluetooth speakers.

However, without experience or knowledge of system synergy and compliances, plus room acoustics, a great deal of expense can be wasted without professional and expert advice to hand.

With forty years of attending concerts, recitals and visiting studios, plus actively participating in the hi-fi industry,  – testing, reviewing and using some of the world’s most renowned specialist equipment, as well as providing many clients with carefully selected components for the best sound possible within a specified budget and making sure the chosen system meets with the critique of aesthetic harmony within the surroundings in which it rests, the service provided for each commission receives specialist attention.

This may include assistance with designing a dedicated music room for the more discerning listener who requires a certain ambience for their favourite pastime; collaborating with a chosen architect, building contractor or electrician in realising the ultimate relaxation suite.

For more information about hi-fi installation, please contact me via email or phone, leaving a brief message stating the nature of your enquiry, including a telephone number, and you will receive a call at the next convenience.

Please note, replies cannot be given to messages that do not include a contact number as initial discussion is through dialogue before embarking upon new commissions; saving time and proving more efficient in establishing the level of service sought.

“Superb performance. The CD is playing better than it was way back. Really pleased with it. I now know where to go in the future. Thanks for all your help.”
– Regards, Bob


“Well, after a few weeks with my new (upgraded hi-fi) set-up, I’m writing to let you know that I’m very happy with it indeed.  Many thanks again for your time and advice in January.  My listening enjoyment has taken a massive leap as a result.”  
– Nick G

carl beckwith hi-fi consultant

“Carl proved himself an expert, and took his time to ensure the fitting and set up of my fragile nude stylus Dynavector 10×5 cartridge was carried out with patience, care and due diligence. He is also an engaging and passionate music lover. I will be using his services in future without hesitation. Highly recommended!”
– Hi-fi client