Sonos Music Systems and Speakers

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​​For over fifteen years now, the name Sonos has been involved with hi-fi. Not just with the aforementioned ‘wireless’ speaker systems, as found at nearly every other retail outlet that many people think is all that they do, but also with their component audio products. Some specialist agencies who do not sell Sonos will say it’s not really proper hi-fi quality. However, with the long established Sonos component ‘zone-players’ allied to quality hi-fi stereo loudspeaker systems, (and where appropriate, stereo amplifiers), when downloading or streaming from uncompressed ‘premium’ subscription music services, one can enjoy sound that truly does justice to all your favourite music listening around the home.

Through consultation to planning or with a simple ‘one room’ or more installation with expert guidance and understanding, – not only with the technical aspects but also with the key fundamentals of interior aesthetic considerations where appropriate, the integration of a Sonos music system and/or Sonos speakers into one or many rooms around the home can form the basis of anything you desire: serious listening, background, ‘group-mode’ for entertaining guests in several reception rooms and at different, individually controlled volume levels, through to independent listening choices between as many different rooms as you wish.

All your listening needs are controlled via a downloaded Sonos application icon from a mobile phone, tablet or desk-top controller using Sonos’ intuitive control app, which gives information on songs or albums played, as well as compiling your own playlists. Music can also be streamed wirelessly from your mobile device and played straight through the Sonos speakers system in any room you choose.

Internet radio, while largely populated with low-resolution radio stations that are not only dynamically compressed but also using paltry bandwidth that affects fidelity of sound rendering them unlistenable, there are stations, including the BBC, that offer true high-fidelity sound reproduction. As a musically inclined business, the services of high standard classical as well as jazz radio stations are stored into the Sonos system during installation from the internet radio facility for those wishing to access the best arts coverage that can be obtained from around the world. All these stations are free to listen to and require no subscription.

Lastly, Sonos has the facility to link the sound of any existing hi-fi audio set up, such as television sound, Sky TV, or from an existing hi-fi set up in your main reception room where you may have an analogue source such as a turntable, cassette deck or open-reel tape recorder, for which you can then pipe it’s sound through to another Sonos-fed room set up, – thus expanding your main hi-fi system’s listening into a multi-room facility.

​Installation of Sonos Equipment

As with all our Sonos Music Systems installations, we collaborate with our long-standing supplier who has the product support and back up that only the UK’s first and foremost Sonos supplier can offer, giving you real peace of mind. This includes weekday technical support with their after-sales help desk; either via e-mail or by direct telephone communication.


While bluetooth speaker systems are now firmly established as ‘solution’ products within people’s homes; some able to be acoustically ‘tuned’ with clever software that enables squeezing the proverbial ‘quart’ of sound from a pint-pot sized enclosure, (and positioned at a variety of less than ideally suited locations where sound quality might not usually be as favourable as other, more acoustically ‘correct’ locations), for a good number of more discerning listeners of music around their homes, such devices simply do not cut it sonically.

It’s one thing to emphasise bass and treble detail or to manipulate the sound with digital signal processing methods that shift the recorded balance perspectives using psychoacoustic models that attempt to ‘fool’ the average punter’s ears in a shop demonstration, but such measures to many listeners simply relegate the carefully engineered recordings to a ‘muzak’ quality; robbed of all the emotion and involvement usually associated with quality hi-fi equipment. Furthermore, it’s often in mono, or ‘single channel’ sound. Also, bluetooth is limited in bandwidth by design, which affects the ultimate quality of sound obtainable.

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