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Playing records has become a regular pastime again.  Even after many iterations of digital media playback, from the anodyne compact disc to the anonymity with downloads and streaming, the predictability of physical media replete with all the benefits, including outright ownership, creative sleeve cover-art with readable literature and, if done right, the promise of sublime sound quality, are seminal and key to the realisation that each pressing possessed is a packaged time-capsule of supreme archival merit.  Time has been the proving point with what is now a century-plus old format that shows no signs of abating;  such is the demand of music played and listened to on records.

Detractors in the digital camp ridicule the resurgence as nothing more than pure novelty, going so far as to exact criticism by citing the unavoidable distortions inherent within this analogue medium.  However, with certain factors properly addressed, the levels of true high-fidelity sound reproduction achievable from a diamond tip within a long modulating groove can still bewilder and convert many a technically-competent cynic of what is actually achievable;  not just with new pressings but even moreso with recordings dating back to the early hi-fi recording era of the mid-1950’s in either mono or stereo sound where engineers and lathe operators really understood the black art of extracting every nuance of quality possible in a time long before the dependence upon digital software (tools) to round things off in post or pre-production.

It therefore goes without saying that a long-playing record has many varied and fine ingredients locked within its microscopic grooves, yet extracting this with any degree of accuracy demands certain disciplines within the turntable and pick-up arm design, the cartridge type and its installation, plus a few other contributory factors that each influence just how revealing the miniscule vibrations being tracked can sound through a pair of well suited loudspeakers linked to an equally capable stereo amplifier.

Services include:

  • Supply and installation of part or complete turntable systems, including specifying the right product
  • Cartridge fitting and alignment, including specifying models appropriate
  • Tone-arm fitting/calibration with cartridge
  • Drive belt supply and replacement
  • Turntable check-up, incl. bearing inspection using high grade precision lubricant
  • Repair and servicing (electronic servo circuits on direct-drive models subject to parts availability)

All genuine enquiries are to be accompanied with a contact telephone number please.  Note, non-verbal quotations via e-mail from window-shoppers are not given due to the non-committal nature of such enquiries;  emphasis being on quality of service and not with minimal pricing.

carl beckwith hi fi consultant 3
carl beckwith hi fi consultant

“Carl proved himself an expert, and took his time to ensure the fitting and set up of my fragile nude stylus Dynavector 10×5 cartridge was carried out with patience, care and due diligence. He is also an engaging and passionate music lover. I will be using his services in future without hesitation. Highly recommended!”
– Hi-fi client

“Carl was super helpful in setting up my new turntable as I was not confident to do the set up myself. He is full of knowledge and made several recommendations that I shall be following up on. I thoroughly recommend him.” 
– Mr Walker, Wiltshire

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