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TV Installation & Home Media Consultant Carl Beckwith offers a bespoke service in the London & South East area ensuring that the client gets the best possible performance from their home media equipment.

With an ever changing market, television has now reached a level of sophistication in facility that endows it with not only off-air broadcasting but also on-line home streaming via multiple device platforms.

Services from satellite, – either for UK programmes or from abroad where superior arts coverage can enthrall the music lover with concerts, together with cable or terrestrial digital Freeview broadcasting through to Blu-ray disc playback in high-definition resolution and, if desired, improved sound from the latest generation of sound bar speakers, or a full hi-fi compliment of Dolby/DTS surround-sound speaker array with amplifier; every possible option is catered for, according to requirements placed. TV & Home Media expert Carl Beckwith is your guide to this complex world, consulting with and advising you of the best approach that will cater to your musical tastes.

TV & Home Media Consultant & Installation Expert - Carl Beckwith
TV & Home Media Consultant & Installation Expert - Carl Beckwith
First, the right choice of television brand and model is determined. One which can cope with standard-definition broadcasts as well as the high-definition resolution. A number of television sets on the market today simply cannot achieve this simple goal and ultimately give inferior image results on standard definition programmes as compared with the cathode-ray tube televisions of thirty years ago. By actively monitoring products as they are released onto the market, often discussing with engineers who conduct lab tests, the right television choices are made, thus avoiding the plethora of poor quality sets that exist.
During tv installation, correct, in-depth calibration of the complex picture setting menu’s on the television is carried out; achieving vastly superior results that are far removed from the factory settings that otherwise display an unnaturally intense and saturated balance. The ‘default’ configuration of the picture making for a ‘demonstration-ready’ performance for brightly lit showrooms; as is found when first switching-on any given set straight from the box, which is considerably removed from the ‘ideal’ for home viewing.
TV Installation & Home Media Expert - Carl Beckwith
TV Installation & Home Media Expert - Carl Beckwith

If a surround-sound speaker set-up is sought, then the audio system is factored in detail to the point where careful integration into the room’s aesthetic is given by specifying the most visually suited and technically competent loudspeakers possible, ensuring good sonic characteristics are attained by correct placement and judiciously balancing the system for the most natural sound presentation possible, devoid of any trademark bass boom elements that give rise to listening fatigue over prolonged sessions through undue emphasis being applied.

All sound settings are made by ear and not through auto-calibration programmes that always miss fundamental auditory factors such as imperfection and variation in soundtrack performance, poor dialogue, or broadcast continuity of same. This guarantee’s the most authentic reproduction that the specified system can achieve in your room.

Having been involved in cinema, the understanding of how the soundtrack should be delivered correctly is integral to the installation brief; ensuring an accurate representation of the director’s take on how the film should actually be heard is achieved.

If requirements dictate a more individually ‘tailored’ sound from the reference, then such considerations can be explored beforehand toward selecting a home entertainment system that achieves a specific aim, such as higher volume playback levels for the most impactful experience with action adventure film presentation where high priority is given for special audio effects of the most dynamic scale imaginable, or with additional reinforcement by way of higher performance sub-bass speaker systems for adding increased sonic foundation to scenes depicting scale and power.

TV & Home Media Consultant - Carl Beckwith
TV Installation & Home Media Consultant Expert - Carl Beckwith

As with any installation of home entertainment and TV equipment, all cabling is managed neatly and kept out of sight as best as can be achieved. Guidance or recommendation is given with choosing suitable furniture to house the equipment if required, including modern television stands that can conceal cabling.

Where a room refurbishment is envisaged, TV & Home Media Consultant & Installation Expert Carl Beckwith can offer a planning service to collaborate with your builder or electrician, arranging for architectural drawings to be produced; giving instruction on specific cable runs, socket placement and types through to complete design cues for details such as wall recesses and custom designed equipment furniture for your appointed carpenter to construct if so desired.

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