Hi-Fi repair and restoration

hi-fi repairs and restoration : technics SL150 004Hi fi repair expert Carl Beckwith has over thirty years in the audio visual industry, including the running of two of London’s leading department store hi-fi departments for seven years. He has also been a freelance audio visual consultant for over twenty years. Carl has gained recognition through repeat business as well as giving interviews with lifestyle journals and the national press.

For details of our hi fi repair and/or restoration service, or to request a quotation, please call us on 07947 122806 or via email at: cbaudio@msn.com

As a rule, most apparatus purchased will come with a guarantee from the manufacturer. Anything beyond this period of cover will be subject for examination by an approved agent in the service sector of the given product, be it television or audio. Whilst specialist services are used, there comes a point where most modern technologies have surpassed their usable life expectancies and as such, are best replaced.
hi-fi repairs and restoration

For high fidelity equipment however, there is a different approach toward the more highly engineered sphere of quality components where servicing becomes a more realistic and viable proposition altogether; loudspeaker drive-unit foam surround replacement fitting, repair to individually damaged or blown speaker units, amplifier components replaced, turntable servicing and drive-belt replacements, cartridge fitting and alignment, stylus replacement, tone-arm balancing and so on. Our hi fi repair service extends even to the servicing of electrostatic loudspeakers or the replacement of thermionic valves.

hi fi repair and restoration of valve amplifier
If there is an issue with a much cherished piece of early hi-fi equipment that was rather good in it’s day, it may just require a service to return it to it’s former glory; often achieving a better sound performance than the new pretenders of hi-fi found on the high-street today. Furthermore, speaker cabinets with tired or scratched/marked lacquers can be taken away for refinishing and speaker grilles re-covered with new cloth.

All enquiries for hi fi repair will be handled with dedication and commitment from a specialist in the field.

“Very happy with the service and great to have the system back and working again. Thanks for everything – especially your persistence in sourcing the lens.”

– Colin Hughes