“Carl has sourced, installed and set up two audiovisual and hifi systems for me in two homes over the years. The latest includes a hifi system and hidden projector in the main living room, a hidden television in the main bedroom, another in the attic and streaming audio throughout the house. He also coordinated with the project manager involved in renovating the Georgian property to ensure the necessary cabling and construction was carried out properly.
Carl maintains a rare professionalism and seriousness in his work, combining technical knowledge with a great ear and eye for what will work best in any situation. When I decided I wanted to use Google Cast instead of Sonos for streaming audio, he was able to come up with a creative solution that worked, given that choice.
He also managed to keep my wife happy by keeping the televisions and projector out of view when not in use. It’s his attention to detail and unusual knowledge that has kept me coming back to Carl for my audiovisual needs.”

– Tony Barrett

“I had the privilege of working with Mr. Beckwith, who provided me with exceptional service and advice.  His deep knowledge, dedication and passion for audio equipment were evident from the start.  He meticulously diagnosed and flawlessly repaired my sound system and provided me with valuable guidance on its maintenance and operation, which further enhanced my enjoyment of the freshly renovated equipment.  Adding to that the outstanding customer service, I can wholeheartedly recommend Mr. Beckwith for sound system repair and advice, as he not only revived my sound system but also ensured my complete satisfaction.  I am truly grateful for the expertise and service and shall undoubtedly return for any future audio needs. ”  
– Denis de Santis, City, London

“For many years, Carl Beckwith has looked after my music and television systems, both in London and in Italy.  I love dealing with Carl.  Of course, he is highly knowledgable technically, but also he has a great sense of humour and is always there to help.  Yes, it’s true he has old fashioned standards, which is great and which he will not compromise from, but he also is state of the art and understands all the developments that are taking place in this digital world we live in.  I cannot recommend him highly enough.” 
– Lord Mitchell

I have to say the hi-fi is sounding great after the speaker fix and cartridge upgrade. The clarity is noticeably improved and the upgrade really does make a difference overall. Many thanks for all your help and advice
– Simon Redfern, Sidcup, Kent

“Carl was super helpful in setting up my new turntable as I was not confident to do the set up myself. He is full of knowledge and made several recommendations that I shall be following up on. I thoroughly recommend him.” 
– Mr Walker, Wiltshire

“Thank you again for fixing the record player and amplifier. It’s been such a joy to listen to.”
– Rebecca Calf, London.

“I appointed Carl following a glowing recommendation by a good friend for works I required at my previous home, principally within the large basement room where I wanted a special sound system that would work for both music as well as with television. The system had to provide good quality sound and be able to cope with entertaining large numbers of guests for social functions where ample volume capability was a must.
With good understanding of my needs as well as always being realistic in what is required, and with an extensive knowledge of not only the technology, but understanding the importance of the synergy with room decor and aesthetics, Carl has since helped me on two further properties with ever increasing flair and attention to every detail; collaborating with the interior designers, architect and electrical contractor with schematics and design work, as well as installing all of the equipment himself with his precise adjustments that afford the very best performance.
I give my fullest endorsement in recommending this service for anyone wanting excellent results.”
– Ben White

“Just wanted to say thanks for sorting out the NAD amplifier.  It sounds fabulous!  Taylor Swift’s breakthrough hit, Shake It Off now sounds effervescent with optimism.”
– Mr. A Isaac,  north London.

“Carl was involved from the very beginning of our audio visual fit-out in our new build property in the South of France, near St Tropez. He worked with our architect from an early stage before construction commenced, then with local electricians, optimising opportunities and utilising the latest product technologies.
From specifying Bose audio with satellite television throughout the villa, a fully equipped ‘surround-sound’ cinema room, music for the poolside and terrace areas and a resilient Denon and M&K sound system for our younger ‘DJ’s to ‘blast-out’ in the ‘boy’s snooker room, all backed-up with a ‘music server’ – Carl tailored a system that has proved a great success for our family.
Carl’s fantastic memory and working knowledge of what he specifies allows him to remotely guide us through any problems that arise – even some three years later! Therefore, we would thoroughly recommend him for your audio visual project – whatever the size.”
– Mr & Mrs Wood, London

“Well, after a few weeks with my new (upgraded hi-fi) set-up, I’m writing to let you know that I’m very happy with it indeed. Many thanks again for your time and advice in January. My listening enjoyment has taken a massive leap as a result.
– Nick G

“Thank you for all your hard work and diligence in getting everything to work for us.  We really appreciate your attention to detail and expertise in finding solutions.  It’s exciting to have a system that works like this.”
– Mr & Mrs Appleson, N London

“The system is sounding amazing. I want to listen to my records, where before it was a bit of a duty. I hadn’t realised this until now. Even records with surface noise sound so much better. It’s the sound I am looking for. Nothing painful on the ears, sweet top end and the bass is big, and certainly more space around the music. I love it. You have done an excellent job in tuning the system. Many thanks and best regards.”
– Robert, Kent

“I have an American VAC PHI Beta integrated amplifier that required some attention. Carl accepted my cry for help and had the amp back to me within two weeks, all as good as the designer intended, and the invoice was very reasonable. If you are seeking an excellent audio engineer, then you should know that Carl offers a very personal and professional service. A conversation with him is both a pleasure and an education about any aspect of audio that is of interest. I have recommended him to my ‘audio-friends’ and have no hesitation in endorsing his reputation for excellence.”
– Professor Philip Evans M Phil FRCGP – Norfolk

“Thanks again Carl. You’ve done a great job on the amp. Everything sounds so great!”
– David Ryan Jordan

“Carl installed a complex TV and sound system in my house in London. Not only is he extremely knowledgeable and highly professional but he is also a delightful person to deal with. Furthermore should a problem arise his after sales service is superb and Carl will devote as much time as needed to resolve the issue. I have no hesitation in recommending him.”
– Richard Temple

“I am so enjoying the Sony VFET you refurbished. The Spendors are sounding great so I guess it was said Sony. I just wanted to thank you. My little room has a great 70’s system for vinyl and Sonos for the rest. I am so content. I’ll next be looking at CD players soon.
– John Feltham, London

“Thoroughly enjoying my refurbished sound system Carl. Bliss! Thank you very much. I was seeking an expert (specialising in hi-fi repairs) for some time. Life enhancing!”
– Tony Johnston, Datchet

“I have found Carl Beckwith to be reliable and knowledgeable and have no hesitation in recommending his services for audio work”
– Clive Fisher, Putney South West London

“A work colleague recommended Carl to me. My requirements were to integrate a cinema surround system, projector and screen, with my existing hi-fi system which uses top-grade separate components and cables.
The site inspection survey left me in no doubt that Carl knew what he was doing. He already had a deep knowledge and understanding of the performance criteria of my existing system and explained the options to me clearly and in detail. He has recommended products that could not be better suited, enabling me to have the best of both worlds in stereo for audio and surround-sound for television, Blu-ray/DVD and my latest addition, Apple TV. The neat management of all the connections and cabling made the set-up look more organised and tidy than at any time before. His after sales service and responsiveness are excellent.
Carl is a consummate professional. He is passionate about everything to do with AV and is a pleasure to deal with.”
– Leon Ferera

“Carl has looked after all my audio and visual needs since he set up a home entertainment system for me in 2001. When I moved a couple of years ago Carl designed and fitted audio ‎and visual systems for the whole house, including Sonos throughout. The highlight is undoubtedly the hi- fi – Carl refurbished my 1982 Linn Sondek LP12 and sourced a 1964 (!) Quad valve amp and pre amp to go with it . He fitted these classic machines into shelving that he designed. Carl has a clear passion for his work and a commitment to excellence . He knows his subject backwards and is always responsive. We also get top music recommendations along the way!”
– John Phillips

“This guy is brilliant when it comes to setting up new a/v kit, balancing your surround sound, repairing stuff, even hiding all the cables. Highly recommended.”
– Anonymous on av forum.


“For 11 years, Carl has quietly been building a reputation as the ‘go-to’ guy for those who want their homes wirelessly reverberating with crisp sounds and mesmerising visuals. Think of him as your one-man portal to today’s bewildering array of technology.”

– Vogue magazine billing in list of recommended small businesses within their ‘Secret Address Book’.

“Mr Beckwith has been a hi-fi specialist for more than a decade, frequently going to concerts and comparing the quality of sound. Over this time he has developed firm views over where are the best places to sit.”
– James Bartholomew, – contributor of Arts column article, Daily Telegraph: ‘Cheap seats; a sound investment’

“I engaged Carl for installing a complete house music system. For me, his skill and knowledge are excellent and he made a first rate job.”
– Peter Still, Suffolk.

Very happy with the service and great to have the Bose back and working again. Thanks for everything – especially your persistence in sourcing the lens.
– Colin Hughes

Carl proved himself an expert, and took his time to ensure the fitting and set up of my fragile nude stylus Dynavector 10×5 cartridge was carried out with patience, care and due diligence. He is also an engaging and passionate music lover. I will be using his services in future without hesitation. Highly recommended!
– Hi-fi client

Superb performance. The CD is playing better than it was way back. Really pleased with it. I now know where to go in the future. Thanks for all your help.
– Regards Bob


Sir Christopher Lee – 1998

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