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Radio and television have come a long way in recent years with the on-demand age of home entertainment, with networking possibilities as well as broadcast media on offer, including personalised choices available to stream from our mobile phones and tablets. All of this brings forth the possibility of designing integration for all portals into the modern home.

For property undergoing a total or part refurbishment through to a complete new-build, then at the very beginning of any such project taking place where round-table discussions are held between the client and architect, plus any other parties, the services of expert professional assistance for home media, right from the outset of a given project, is of vital importance for avoiding costly errors from inexpert or ill-advised counsel.

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A comprehensive planning service covering the preparation of schematic drawings for which your architect, interior planner and appointed building and electrical contractors can follow, including direct on-going communications with same, plus site meetings, are the mainstay and prerequisite of every project. All directives are handled personally.

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All too often, a good many clients have engaged their existing contractors to undertake the work remit of audio/visual systems, only to later regret the limiting factors that, in spite of the best intentions, such inexpert intervention inevitably leads to; missing details, ill-advised loudspeaker positions that run counter to fundamental acoustic parameters, televisions in the worst possible positions with uncomfortable viewing profiles, lack of correct room-to-room interfaces for quality HD video distribution, etc. The list goes on, and often with no planning involved with just token-measure specifying and installation practices carried out.

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When wanting a system that works well in your home for everyone to use and enjoy, the first and most important stage within a house project is with engaging the assistance and steerage of a professional media consultant at the helm; providing unified instruction.

If a system is required for an existing home that is not undergoing any refurbishment works at all, for multi room music or video distribution, then with site survey undertaken, a wireless approach can be deployed to good effect in most circumstances, unless having to resort to discrete and carefully planned out-of-sight cable runs where wi-fi signal spread is impeded through heavy structures.


Each multi room audio visual project is unique and as such, treated as a ‘clean sheet’ brief with no off-the-peg or prescribed agenda’s toward the rolling-out of the systems’ recommended or implemented. Quality is key, with an eye on the aesthetic as well as maintaining sensible budgets, unless otherwise requested by the client in search of higher performance, in which case, ‘value’ is still considered against the performance on offer.

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